Howard Dental Center is an oral health care facility reaching a broad range of individuals including those living with HIV and AIDS.  Our patient base is filled with individuals who have faced discrimination, poverty and/or a lack of access to proper dental care. Our goal is to improve their oral health care. We are saving lives, one […]


Currently, Howard Dental Center provides clinical services to patients who are HIV+ through five programs: Fast Track: comprehensive oral health care services to people living with HIV/AIDS. Healthy Baby and Youth: collaborative project with Children’s Hospital Immunodeficiency Program to assist pregnant women and youth. Perioptions: periodontal screening and treatment planning for disease prevention and healing […]

Oral Health is Important

Dentistry saves lives. Yes, good oral health makes you look better, eat better and smile better, but there’s a more important reason to pay attention to your oral health: you’ll live longer. In fact, recent studies link poor oral health to a variety of illnesses: heart disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s, to begin with. Another study […]



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Client Stories

  • Jac


    Jac is just Jac and we love him for it! Sometimes we get overwhelmed by all the news of tragic events, individual’s misfortune, and corporate shenanigans. With so much sensationalism, emotional fatigue sets in. How about some good news for a change? How about a heartening story about one of our patients whose outstanding accomplishment […]

  • Kari


    How Kari spells S-U-C-C-E-S-S While Kari doesn’t think her story falls into the “success” category, we at Howard Dental Center disagree. Hers is a story of how to accept devastating news and move forward without allowing it to destroy your life and your goals.

  • Leandrew


    The importance of emergency care In January, Howard Dental Center initiated an emergency care program. It is open to all HIV+ people with dental emergencies whether or not they are currently HDC patients and/or on the waiting list. Following is the story of one of those emergencies.

  • Tony


    Traveling Tony has come full circle Tony is the kind of person you want to get to know. He was raised in Brazil and Peru, is fluent in four languages, and spent most of his young life traveling the world. Tony continued his travels by joining the Merchant Marines, then working for KLM airlines for […]

  • Diane


    Diane is unstoppable! Having been diagnosed with Type I diabetes at the age two, Diane knows the value of taking care of her health. She has done that and more successfully. Diane moved from Chicago to Colorado 20 years ago, married 10 years ago, raised two boys (one currently in high school and the other […]

  • Rob


    Rob + Laughter = Success It’s the holiday season and what better patient success story than one of a truly positive person. Rob is a new patient at Howard Dental Center. Interviewing him was such a treat: an upbeat attitude, a winning smile and contagious laughter!

  • Darrell


    In his own words “I am a grateful patient of Howard Dental, and I am very fortunate that I can count on them to help me achieve and maintain good dental health. I am a long-term survivor of HIV and AIDS. I’m pretty sure I can trace my infection to some risky behavior back in […]

  • Bob


    Bob is all smiles now Given his story, it’s hard to image Bob as the happy person as he is now. It took 48 years of living to feel that his “life seems to have just started” Having survived medical issues and depression, he recently met the person who makes him laugh on a daily […]

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